About Us

We aim to provide delicious and healthy food products that not only taste great but also do good for others. We produce gourmet foods originating from Ethiopia and provide support to the farmers who need it the most. When you buy Small Small you join a movement.


Our founder, George, has a passion for food, agriculture, and international development. After spending time in West Africa he noticed that despite having amazing products that people in the US would love, the local farmers lacked the technical knowledge just to feed their own country. Through some well-timed inspiration, the idea for Small Small was born – sell specialty food products originating in the developing world (starting with Ethiopia) in the US and share our proceeds with non-profits teaching farmers new agriculture techniques.

After getting back to the States, George enrolled in the Washington, DC Founder Institute  program (a company accelerator). Through the program, Small Small became formally incorporated as a benefit corporation (the first benefit corp in Founder Institute history) and launched for sales through a successful crowdfunding campaign. George is dedicated to bringing flavorful food to America and sustainably giving back to the hard-working farmers. 


George checking out new spices.

Stay in Touch

We would love to stay in touch! For more information about the company, please reach out to me at george@buysmallsmall.com.

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